Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Need You, Want You, & Very Badly Missing You!!

As I open my eyes, I see the sun,
I see the rain dew, but I don’t see you.
I am so addicted to hug you after I wake up,
That, now I can’t believe - I need to stay without you.

You’ve been the fragrance of my bland life.
You’ve been there when I need you or even when I didn’t,
Now how can I keep going on, when you’ve left me all alone,
All I can think of now is how badly I’m missing you.

I know you’ll be back here someday,
But I want to date you today.
Sadly, you’re not here with me,
when I actually need you, want you & very badly want to spend time with you.

Having fun never crossed my mind, when all I could do was miss you.
I tried to forget, you were even gone, but the thoughts of you have always wandered around.
The better half of me, I’m currently missing, has gone away,
It’s the glimpses of our past, the lovely times, in my mind they surround.

I have begun my quest to find my love again,
That’s you my love, my one and only adorable sweetheart.
Can’t live anymore without you,
Waiting for the day when eternity, would not be able to split us apart.

Love you, and very baddddllllly missing you!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Silent Speech

My First Poetry!
This was also published in my college magazine (Sardar)

It starts with a word,
And ends with a sentence.
Ever thought, how a speech be,
Without the voice in its presence.

It starts with a smile
Which we all can feel,
This is where they excel us,
And the only way they can deal.

They try to convey,
With actions and body language.
They hardly speak; actions help them to conversate,
And for long, leave them happy and engage.

They have no ill-will in their hearts,
And no sin in their minds
They are very innocent and,
No feeling for the world to bind.

These are the people,
Who speak very less.
They are the dumb and deaf,
Whom the lord hasn’t blessed.

So, as we who are blessed,
Let us take care,
Of the greatest jewel in our life,
Of which we are not aware...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


My first poetry to be published in a magzine called 'UNILIT'

Someone entered this world,
She is kind and sweet.
It’s time for someone to smile,
It’s the time when death & life meet.

It starts with a small twinkle,
And grows with a spark in it.
It turns from a seed to a plant,
And the glow of sparks of life covers it.

It has welversed itself in joy
As well as in sorrow, as a dream.
This doesn’t let you speak
And not even feel or scream.

It begins with a particle,
Later increases to a thing.
When it’s matured totally,
It’s as sweet as a sparrow sing.

A person is included in the world,
And a knock is given to the earth.
Since someone is awaiting to come in,
It’s none other than a new child’s birth.

This changes the way everyone behaves,
This changes the way we live.
It’s a new time of life,
No sorrows and only happiness to give.

-- In memory of sakshi's birth (my niece)