Thursday, April 25, 2013


As I close my eyes, I see a world around
In that world, I see the amazing gorgeous and the most beautiful… YOU!
You have always conquered my dreams and every thought which have wandered
Sad or happy it’s always been you who has first made its appearance
It has always begun, with that amazing laugh,
I can barely forget those pleasant curves around your cheeks
The twinkle in the eye, the sparkling smile
The thoughts of which can always get anyone rejoiced
With you around, the clock seems to have stopped!
Always felt like I should keep looking at you, listening to you, feeling you and more and more loving you
You came into my life and changed the reason of living
Living with you has now become part of my sun sets and its rise
You have always been so caring, the care which makes me feel so precious
You’ve loved not just me, but just everything around
I have often heard the clouds, the trees, the birds and everyone surround
Trying to speak to you and at times whispering ‘I love you’
You’ve always had the charm, the warmth and the love to woo any living being
You are the ocean of happiness spreading smiles everywhere
As your hair spreads the warmth of affection, solace and peace
Your tears, the purest stream of water, spreads life around
After I open my eyes and as I walk out of your world
Missing you has now become easier every day
Because even though it's one day further from the last time I met you
It's indeed one day closer to the next time I will see you again!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Promise kept... forever

Thoughtful I was, depressed I became,
From the state of extreme sadness, I turned numb.
Even my guess work had given up on me,
When she was lead into the theatre for an operation.

I closed my eyes, and let the seconds pass by.
It ticked and ticked, and the time dawdled through.
Every second made me shiver and mindlessly tremble.
Tears started dripping slowly, as my depression grew.

Engrossed I was completely,
Unaware of what was happening around,
Longing to see them both, coming out together,
Craving to talk to her and hear my baby’s first sound.

Finally the glory is bestowed, the rays have crept in,
The voice of an angel signs the beginning of a new thrill.
It kick starts the smashing smiles, flashing on everyone present,
When that amazing sight of that extremely gorgeous face is unveiled.

Behind her was towed, my beautiful, stupid lady,
With all smiles, as she had promised me,
In all excitement she said ‘Sweetheart! I am back…. Just for you.’
I burst into tears, & whispered ‘Babes… Thanks a lot…. I Love You’

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is that you?

Here I seem to be away... away from you, and from the whole world I know
Nothing seems to match - neither the time, nor our feelings, and about anything I try to show
I am out here... all alone in this race now
But every time I wake up... I tend to shout - Sweetheart, is that you?

Missing is what I initially thought it was,
But you are my necessity... I need you, more than just miss you
You complete me, not just through my thoughts but just - 'everything'
I know life is tough, have to take care, but without you even that's not there

My heart doesn't beat without your name,
My mind doesn't begin thinking without you in the beginning
Started to feel you in every corner i cross now
Just want to be back, don’t know when I would reach that tomorrow.

Holding that smile all this while, afraid of the mocking world out there,
Have been holding my feelings, my tears, and my sorrow
Just want to take you in my arms and let that drops flow,
Want to love you and keep loving you, a lot more than even before

These days it's so tough to even close my eyes,
You seem to have haunted my sleep too...
Don't want to end my life, as I want to live it with you.
Darling... you there? Are you listening to - - what I just said to you...??

Monday, March 9, 2009

Novel Acquaintances

Every relationship narrates a tale of its own,
Every new friend marks the beginning of a new story
Would that transform into a special relation – that’s unknown
This increases my belief that, every relation has an exceptional reason to carry

My story had a smashing beginning,
Hoped it would reach the highest heights,
Building trusts, feelings, friendship & understandings
Avoiding the sour phases of controversies, grudges & fights

Frequent conversations brought us closer & closer
With the words we exchanged, her new identity was painted in my mind
This is the time where crushes & infatuations are bound to happen
Most of them fade out, but few transform to love of a different kind

Have surpassed the age where I would be infatuated or have a crush with anyone,
All new introductions tend to rebel against me these days.
More fingers point at my status than me now,
Accusing me guilty of lies, and always bound to betray.

These days friendship starts with preconceived conditions,
The relation which had no boundaries, now has restrictions,
Staying aloof seems like the best choice to me now,
As every new relation ends up in some kind of a new friction