Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tears won the best poetry in the Woof Contest - Sept 29, 08

There is this woof contest which I came across on the net, where I had posted my poetry Tears to be ranked.

and guess what... My poetry was voted the best among the rest --- here are the details...

WOOF Contest – Top Picks:


Mike Fried - “Off the Deep End -- AGAIN!” - A diatribe against PETA.

Amritbir Kaur - “Honesty - Still the best policy - We have read the English proverb - Honesty is the best policy - very often ever since we were children. But it began to change meaning with the passage of time. Let's find out its implications now.


Sanjay Chhabria - “Tears - A little touchy kind poem on tears. Walks you through describing the feelings undergone whenever you would cry.

Kayla - “Who is Your Star?” - How to recognize your guiding light.

Penelope Anne Bartotto - “The Gift” - A poem about Mother Nature's gift.

Brought to you by PlotDog Press with the Serial Suspense "Intervention"

Monday, September 22, 2008

Go Goa

Sunlight, beaches, and the never ending waves from the sea,
Storming breeze, and the pleasure of lying down between all these,
The aromas of the goa’n fish curry and rice,
Kept me craving for more and my expectations to rise

Amazing water rides, the water scooter and breath taking paragliding at the Calangute Beach,
Visit to the ancient churches, Historic forts and in the Arabian Sea, glimpses of dolphins.
Astonishing St. Xaviers corpse and the remarkable history behind him,
Burning of candles as a mark to fulfill your desires and eliminate all your sins.

The picturesque view of the best sun rise and the marvelous sun set.
The sunset initiates the beginning of the incredible night life,
Tito’s; Mambo’s and the Baga Beach, the happening places to be after 9.
If you don’t choose these, you may walk on the beach under the most romantic moon light.

The place to party and the place to have a blast,
The place to spend a holiday or retire all your stress,
It’s Goa, the place equivalent to heaven on earth,
The best place to be anytime, to enlighten yourself.

Spending this romantic evening in a place in Goa, where you don’t miss the beach at all,
Plays a vital role too, even after having the best things around,
There are many resorts and rooms to live in,
They make your holiday memorable, and stay unforgettable, with their services unbound.

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I forgot to mention about the liquids available in Goa -

Fenny is specifically very popular, but not everyone nourishes its taste.
If you don’t prefer Alcohol, you may want to relax with a cold tropical drink.
A tender coconut at the beach is also not a bad idea to taste,
Or you may prefer some sodas or plain water to drink.

Caution: Before you guys visit Goa, kindly be aware of the dos' and don'ts too. (1); (2)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yelling... (Kavita's Poetry --- Rephrased)

There is this poetry written by Kavita (Named - Luvikavi) called - Yelling. I just came across this while dropping cards on the blogs. It's written in a style, as I would write my diary or talk to someone. But I felt there was something missing and it could get more creative... no hard feelings!!

Therefore, I rephrased the same and put in some feelings in her poetry and posted it in her comments.

Kavita, the author, replied - Hey, thanks for the comment. However, the poem I was commenting on was something she wrote more than 5 years ago.

My rephrased poetry goes this way... MIND YOU - The first lines are written by Kavitha, and the second lines are phrased by me... Do let me know your thoughts on this…

I yelled at my mom cause, she said I wasn't serious,
Later I realized that she cared and was absolutely right.

I yelled at my sister cause, she wrote on my homework
Her scribbling read – I love you, and would miss you after you leave to NY in tomorrow’s flight.

I yelled at my brother because he drove his remote control car, Right into my foot!
His intention was to save me from stepping on the broken glass pieces.

I yelled at the weatherman because he said it would snow
Though it did not snow, staying back at home helped me cure my cold.

I yelled at my friend cause, she wasn't being honest
As she said 'she hated me and didn’t want to see me all her life.'

I yelled at myself cause, I wasn’t able to recognize their love.
Nor did I listen to their advice

Friday, September 12, 2008

Infatuation Online

Once at the net centre when I logged on,
And started chatting on the net,
While aimlessly browsing through the chat rooms, I found you,
Indefinitely approached you, without any thoughts or mindset.

Never thought you would be so open to speak with,
Nor did I expect you would act so friendly,
The chat lasted around 15 minutes,
After which, I started missing you and wanted you back desperately.

Several questions wandered in and around my mind,
How could we be friends; when could we meet?
If not, where could I find another person like you?
Having a heart so pure and the talks so sweet.

This incident made me come online often,
Waiting for you to log on, so that I could exchange some more words with you,
Most of the time I used to look out for you, while chatting continuously,
You had finally made it to my special friends list, which is rarely reached by few.

We had a conversation which lasted just a while,
But I felt as if I spoke to a person,
Who was known to me since ages,
And whom I was longing to woo.

You were the one I needed,
You were the one I was looking for,
I was very shy and reserved online or offline,
But that wasn’t the case when I spoke to you, cause I always wanted more.

I don’t know when we could come across or pass by each other,
And never know when we could meet,
I leave all this on to fate and the destiny to come,
And believe this past of mine, as a true dream.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Take care, keep smiling…

There is this poetry written by my friend, Amir - Tryin to be Poets.. This one’s written in a conversatory style, which altogether is a new concept, at least for me. The best part about this poetry is that, there are two poets who exchange conversations. If you are able to feel what they say, surely you would feel the pain undergone.

It’s indeed a phenomenon craft of poetry. In fact it was soooo touching that it made me cry... especially the last line - 'life perhaps, IS NOT A FAIRY TALE'

However, I was not also tempted to write something to sooth the heated conversations a bit, it goes this way –

Pragnya this one's for you -

Friendship, crush, infatuation, love and all those artificial relationships,
are all fake if they happen before the weddings goodship.
Believe in yourself, believe in god,
you will never be left alone, never will you face people who are odd.

Initially you’ll just see your shadow, the only one who walks besides you.
Later you’ll see a crowd, and your cheeks would be left with no dew.
Smile… Smile as if you never did before.
Rejoice the feeling of life, and let the sadness walk out of the door.

You will have another person, the Mr. Right of your life.
With whom you will be yourself, and finally become his wife.
After which your life would be full of joy & laughter
and both of you would live happily ever after.

Take care, keep smiling…

Monday, September 8, 2008

Be a Role Model

On the shore of love,
With the oceans filled with desire,
Let’s be a spark in the world,
And form into a blaze of fire.

On the earth filled with dominations,
With the disasters to come through,
We have to top all of them,
And get as an example for the world to view.

Get into the atmosphere,
This includes happiness and sorrow,
Let’s be not away from desire,
Which the world cannot borrow.

With the heart filled with hope,
And the minds with goals,
Let us come together, and be,
As we grow covering the loop holes.

Let’s grow and let’s get popular, like
A flower which enriches the dirt – that’s lotus,
Let’s be a role model to the world,
For the people to look up to us.

So become a role model and,
Let the world see,
We are the persons required,
As talented and unique, demanded to be.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Missing You

With you in my heart,
Accompanied with a strong desire,
I left you all alone,
For certain goals of mine to acquire.

While at the place,
Felt all alone,
No other friend to meet,
And no one for me to groan.

That refreshing smiles of yours,
And the amazing company to miss,
I am left all alone,
With you in my mind as a bliss.

Now when you are away,
I find you in my dreams,
And this has made me realize that,
My love has finally reached its extremes.

I wanted to be with you,
But no mode to get in touch with,
You are my love and true in its existence,
To whom I’m known and nothing hid.

And now when I have realized,
It’s too late, since you are away.
For me departing is a pain as darkness,
And meeting you is as finding sunrays.

Sweetheart, there is one thing I always wanted to say but couldn’t,
It’s that I love you - more than your imagination, and always will,
Never will I leave you alone,
Nor let our love suffer or get itself grilled.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Top Entrecard Droppers in August.

I have got a lot of new blog readers with same niche as well as different and some of them have become regular readers and regular commentators. I thought to give some link love and publish their entrecard as an appreciation for being the Top 5 Entrecard Droppers for August:

Dropper ----------------------------------------------------------------# of drops

The Truth About Lies ------------------------------------------------------13
PlotDog Press WOOF Contest -----------------------------------------------9
The Ups,Downs and Sometimes Insane World of Freelance Writing-8
Margie and Edna's Basement -----------------------------------------------7
Talli's Designs----------------------------------------------------------------- 7

Thanks a lot guys... though not regularly, atleast you did visit my blog and dropped your card occasionally.

Monday, September 1, 2008


A spark of light appears,
And covers the space around,
Just a glimpse of it,
Gives you a feeling of peace and beauties bound.

It starts from a twinkle,
Grows large and spreads all over.
It’s an intimation made by the lord,
That it’s the beginning of a new day, and he has spread his warm cover.

This is the moment, quiet pure,
Which enriches the nature for a pure day.
It makes the flowers grow,
And let everyone start in a better way.

It’s the ray of light,
Which covers every part of the ground.
It is like a king in form of Earth,
Who has just been crowned.

It is the sight of the sun,
Just when it has started rising.
It feels so refreshing; it bestows peace of mind,
And a feeling which attracts you to earth and start admiring.

It happens twice in a day, when the sun rises,
And in the evening when it sets.
These are the glorious moments of life,
Which are rare and impossible to forget.