Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let Me Love

The prize winning verse, published in Deccan Chronicle on 13th July, 2003. My 1st poetry to be awarded.

For god’s sake hold your tongue, and let me love,
Or chide my palsy or my gout.
Let me stay with her and make love,
Or else the day will be gone.

With the aspiring beauties of her,
Inhaling the fragrance she exhibits.
Giving out the gift of her presence,
That makes me believe that I still have to live.

The blowing of the wind and the slight drizzle,
With the environment so romantic and the meet so little.
I want to be with her and loose not a minute,
As the moment might be gone.

Let me live my life today,
And live it as if, it was my last day.
Tomorrow I may be gone,
And loving her might become just a dream.

String me to her, let the bells ring,
I believe I love her,
And can be with her all my life.
For god’s sake hold your tongue, and let me love her – forever and ever.

Monday, June 16, 2008

When You’ve Left Me...

You were the one, who loved me,
Purely from your heart and a true mind.
You were the one, who made me believe,
That love is everything but not blind.

You helped me grow,
Like a flower grows along with its fragrance.
You showed me the way to live life,
And made me feel how important was my presence.

I behaved like a kid,
You helped me mature.
You were the only one in whose hands,
I believed my life was assured.

Now when you have left me,
I feel very depressed and lonely.
Now without you near me,
My life is nothing and is no more lively.

I loved you so much,
With all my love, affection and friendship.
But still you left me alone,
And within no time broke the relationship.

Now that you’ve gone,
I feel broken and all alone.
So my love try returning, cause
I can’t live without you and may die without anyone left, for me to moan.

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Hearts Broken….. Again.

On a lovely Afternoon, with the falling leaves,
Cold breezes and too many smiling faces,
Amidst them all, appeared my love, to my surprise,

Our relation was never this weak, since the time it was bonded,
Time immemorial it was actually the strongest relation consisting of tremendous, pure and natural love.
It never let us erupt or be in tears ever,
It just gave us lots of giggles, smirks, laughter & smiles.

They were the best days of my life,
It always made me feel important, precious & special.
But as every lovely day has a dark night awaiting,
Even my best days had their worst times following.

The words so strong, with the hatred so deep,
With an intention to QUIT, & the mind set to deceive.
She was too firm in her thoughts & knew what to do,
Finally, she bestowed me the feeling, which I never expected to receive.

She termed me a barrier to her happiness,
And termed our love to be a biggest mistake,
It was at this moment my heart actually split,
And it was then when I realized – My Heart’s broken….. Again.

After a very long time, I was granted a new love,
A person who really loved me- Truly, Madly & Deeply,
On whom I could rely my Trusts & all my Beliefs,
Who was so incredible, memorable & unbiased in all extents, I could ever believe.

And now I walk… walk all alone, but yes from Now on –
Never will I ever trust a girl so much again,
Never gonna fall in love,
I’ve realized – that the world is full of Mockerer’s,
Who cannot actually love, but excel in mockery.