Friday, August 29, 2008

Breakup Reunion

The sky is torn across the ragged anniversary of two,
Who moved for three years in tune down the long walks of their vows,
Letting their souls meet even though they stayed apart,
Combining their thoughts and forcing them to stay together.

The presence of love with the hint of hatred,
Dwells their mind but their hearts are still lusting to meet each other.
The love grew and attained its majority,
Through the aspiring affection which was about to erupt.

This is the day they met again,
And the day when they turned one.
To defeat their cruel disgusting beliefs,
Which they regretted to believe more often.

The cupid released his arrow, love started flowing,
They united again; it was reunion of the broken relationship.
The beliefs crumbled, the revulsion thoughts just vanished.
And the love made its way to its destination.

They melted in each other’s arms and made love,
The sun rays departed and the day collapsed.
But the love continued and stayed forever.
And finally their long walks of their vows ended with their long lasting love.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Feeling of Love

It starts with a feeling,
A feeling which makes you feel special and someone important.
It’s like a stream of water,
Which turns into a river with a message sent.

It makes you feel good,
And feel for someone very close.
It’s like a call given from the heart,
For the person you’ve chose.

The feeling is as vast as the blue sky,
And as pure as the sunlight.
It’s a feeling which cherishes you,
With just one glimpse of her or a fulfilling sight.

It’s just like a message,
The message which changes you.
It gets communicated, near or far,
Just through her thoughts or telepathy’s too.

It’s a strong attraction,
Which comes directly from your heart.
It’s the feeling of love,
Waiting for a relation to start.

This is the time when you like someone,
And the time when someone turns dear.
The time when you start feeling the difference,
And a special relation to begin, excluding fear.

Friday, August 1, 2008


This was also published in my college magazine (Sardar)

With the water so precious,
running down as a stream.
It’s the sign of sorrow,
when it touches its extremes.

It’s got its purity so vast,
which shines and glitters on its own.
When the pearls in form of water,
and the pain undergone is shown.

This is so precious,
that no ornament tops it.
It’s a stream of moisture,
when the joy and happiness quit.

It’s a friend, who accompanies,
always when you are in need.
It helps you to get support of,
and forget the painful past deed.

It is present in all,
and discloses itself, when given a call.
They are the ‘tears’ from the eyes,
nourished as dew & drop by drop they fall.

They live for a while
and then disappear.
They give you a kind of solace,
when troubled by sorrow or fear.

It’s like a helping hand forwarded,
when suffering in sorrow.
They help you to overcome it,
and to build a better tomorrow.