Friday, January 9, 2009

Top Entrecard Droppers in October, November & December

Hi all,
Its been crazy these 3 months. I didn't get time to update my posts or even thank my droppers. Now that I am back, I would first like to thanks my regular dropper's who have been consistently dropping entrecard's on me even when I was away.
Finally its time that I thank the people who have been regularly visiting my blog and dropping their cards. Even this time I have got a lot of new blog readers with same niche as well as different and some of them have become regular readers and regular commentators. I thought to give some link love and publish their entrecard as an appreciation for being the Top Entrecard Droppers.

Top 5 Entrecard Droppers. for October:
Dropper ----------------------------------------------------------------# of drops

Money Saving Pro---------------------------------------------------------22
(Special thanks to you for the highest drops on me, till date. However, I guess you have deleted your blog)
Weather for Headphones--------------------------------------------------9
Wanderer Thoughts---------------------------------------------------------8
Caught In The Stream ------------------------------------------------------8
West of Mars - the Meet and Greet --------------------------------------- 7

Top 5 Entrecard Droppers. for November:
Dropper ----------------------------------------------------------------# of drops

Weather for Headphones-------------------------------------------------------6
The Truth About Lies ---------------------------------------------------------6
PlotDog Press WOOF Contest --------------------------------------------------5

Top 5 Entrecard Droppers. for December:
In December I just one dropper who has dropped Overwhelming 20 entrecard's on me. She is Blanne online and Anne Marie Gocotano offline. I didn't get any other drop's which went beyond 2 in this month. Therefore, the credit would go to hit or miss only.

Here's her Entrecard -

Thanks a lot to everyone listed above... though not regularly, atleast you did visit my blog and dropped your card occasionally. And a special thanks to Money Saving Pro; Word Webbing & Hit or Miss for being the top dropper on my list.