Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Too many entries left 'eternal depression' depressed.

I entered the woof contest again this week. With my poetry the The Eternal Depression.

But this time there were too many entries - much better than mine. This made me realize that - I need to improve more on the way I write and put in some strong feelings in my poetries like the winners did.

The details of the contests and the winners are -

WOOF Contest – Top Picks:

About Writing
Lisa Alber - “What I Will NOT Do in the Next Few Days
- How I met an anthology deadline in under four days.
Chungyen Chang - “when birds breathe - Visual verse on flight and despair. Please read from the bottom-up.
Robert Bourne - “The Middle years and My Paradoxical Soul - An inner reflective poem,
Puneet Kaur - “Standing still...” - The post is a simple painting that has many colours, many shades... time, music, ecstasy, hope.... life in general.... the course that life would take..... and much more!!
Jennifer M Scott - “495 to Baltimore - Two monologues about illicit love.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Raised Aspirations

Glimpses of the next era are felt,
We are moving to the next level.
Feelings of dismay are overruled,
I am dancing to the tune of the moon.

Eyes of light have finally opened,
Hopes of joy have just begun.
Feel like the happiest of all in this world,
With no sorrow to follow and bad times decreased to none.

It’s the time when someone raised aspirations of coming in this world,
It’s the time when a new born has shown its first presence.
It’s the time when we both have glittered in smiles,
Now our relation would finally make some sense.

Disturbed and imputed mind would finally be no more disturbed,
Troubled smirks would finally reach giggles and laughs
Life would take a new turn on its own now,
It’s the introduction of that all awaited special one.

A new kin is going to be added to our life,
I would be answerable to, and noticed by someone now,
There will be someone awaiting for me at home in another few months,
Who, along with my better half, would complete my whole world.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Delusionary Departure

Wandering over the thoughts I started receiving,
The good times we had, and the best days we spent together
It made me smile and wanted it to last long,
Till this painful thought pinched me to bother.

Among all the sweet thoughts, was this one which haunted me,
Haunted me till the dawn and the days thereafter,
Didn’t leave me till the time I started to cry,
Wept, regretted and my feeling started to shatter

The thought which disturbed me so much,
Was that you would leave me one day or give me a divorce,
It left chills and vibes all over my body, that
I would have to end my love, when I actually started to want more.

I Love you Sweetheart! And don’t want to end this relationship,
Want to see you and my love, grow old together
Having no end to it, and only unbounded love,
No hatred or any other bad feelings, but just the relationship that would matter.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finally Poetic Architecture wins the "I love your blog Award"

Yesterday, while scrawling through my comments I noticed a comment from Kavita (My Top & The best commenter) which read –

“Hi Sanjay, I gave your blog an award, come pick it up at my blog.”

To my surprise my blog received the same award - I was craving for from so many days. I used to see this on every other blog, but always thought that my blog wasn’t worth it yet. Kavita did made my day, further she also described my blog in the most amazing words ever. You might want to check it out on her blog - A little of this, and a little of that.

Poetic Architecture. Sanjay an excellent poet, displays his written talent in a well put together poetry blog. Labeling himself as an optimist, his talent shines through his words. Take a peak, you won't leave once you do!

Thanks a million Kavita, you surely made my day.

Not to be mean enough, this award comes with a rule “You submit an award to seven blogs: If you receive an award, you do the same, and send that reward to at least 7 other bloggers. So go ahead, spread the love, and make somebody smile. :)”

Therefore I spread my love and would like to reward the following:

Style Unlimited: One… most extremely catchy blog which would catch your eye the minute you log in. The icing is the posts she writes. Vridhi, a Fashion Designer, details all her designs and the fashion tips. She endorses to have worked with couple of reputed designers. Walk in her store (in the form of her blog) I am sure you would love what she has to sell (though she doesn’t charge anything in exchange, except time).

Craving for Fun: The first time I read the name, it gave me ideas as - do you need fun, come over, the next minute it changed my perception as the author craves fun. The magic of this blog is spread only once you read its posts. Raj, patient and optimistic, loves to talk about his past experiences. He sometimes makes them sound funny and sometimes pitiful. Take a look to know more.

Way to Jobs: One blog which believes in the philosophy “sharing knowledge is comparable to sharing your lighted candle”. Aditya believes in “Help and Get Helped” while he writes about the openings he has come across the company. Take a look who knows you might find a right job match for your career.

Holy Trance: This blog features her personal feelings in the form of poems, posts and what not. I always thought she was a cheerful girl who always took things so jovially. After reading her blog (from the post 1) now I know Asha who is “Always Smiling...” does also have some feelings and is surrounded with some really painful past deeds. Take a peek to have the same consensus.

Ramblings from my wandering mind: Shilpa, one of my old pals, labels herself to be Impulsive, obstinate, opinionated, completely crazy and confused! Her writing basically runs around anything that holds her attention, Yes that surely means ANYTHING. But she always writes her heart out. Go ahead take a look and you’ll agree too.

Cherrie's Blogs: Amrita, a great writer, can describe even the smallest event to mean the world. Her writings contain the magic to grab your attention and to ask for more. Take a look at her writing to know more.

Trying my best, not to Bullshit: Already been part of one of my posts earlier, this blog steals the show by introducing two budding poets (Amir & Pragnya) who are actually breaking up. The conversation and the sad feelings undergone are all seen and felt. It just has a single poetry, but is in itself worth an appreciation.

Let me Love follows the foot steps of Tears...

After "Tears" topped the Sept 29 Woof Contest. I posted "Let me Love" as another entry.

This time I was a little shaky that it may not make it, as there were too many contestants who were competing to make it to the top 5. But Let me Love made it's way up in the Top 5 --- here are the details...

WOOF Contest – Top Picks:

Fiction/Short Story/Serial Fiction/One Act Play

Romeo - “A Boy of Doubt - A short story about a boy trying to come to terms with himself, and love.

Jennifer M Scott - “Goodbye Baby - A young woman tells her boyfriend she is pregnant, is he happy?

Henry Petrie - “Social Networking - A second-person account of killing time by trying to meet people over social networking sites.


Penelope Anne Bartotto - “The Moral - 100 words in haiku format on good versus evil.

Sanjay Chhabria - “Let me Love - Ever fell in love; had a crush or engaged in any kind of infatuation... If yes, then this is a must read.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

The Eternal Depression

Sad are the feelings which pop in my heart,
Sad are the days which go by
So sad and gloomy on the situation I’m in,
That there is no person or a thing I can rely

Been bombarded with different thoughts,
Forced to hear and do things which are unethical,
No one understands my feelings these days
Have begun to curse the world and started betraying my life

The world has become the worst place to live in,
Don’t know where the destiny is planning to take me along.
Can’t leave or even think of discouraging the bonding so far acquired
Nor want to live it up and neither sulk in it lifelong.

Passing through the stage of dismay,
Where everything feels so artificial,
Family, friends, relations and the other such associations
Have started to seem as if, they were completely unreal.

I am so sad and distressed in this feeling of love and the game of my heart,
Neither am I able to survive nor commit suicide.
I am so obsessed with this state of depression,
That would die one day of this mental homicide.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Top Entrecard Droppers in September.

Finally its time that I thank the people who have been regularly visiting my blog and dropping their cards. Even this time I have got a lot of new blog readers with same niche as well as different and some of them have become regular readers and regular commentators. I thought to give some link love and publish their entrecard as an appreciation for being the Top 5 Entrecard Droppers for September:

Dropper ----------------------------------------------------------------# of drops

The Truth About Lies ------------------------------------------------------17
The Writing Nag-------------------------------------------------------------10
Where the Walls are Soft---------------------------------------------------9
A little bit of this, a little bit of that --------------------------------------9
Blog Fiction ----------------------------------------------------------------- 8

Thanks a lot guys... though not regularly, atleast you did visit my blog and dropped your card occasionally. And a special thanks to 'Jim Murdoch' the owner of 'The Truth About Lies' for being the top dropper on my list even this time.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tears won the best poetry in the Woof Contest - Sept 29, 08

There is this woof contest which I came across on the net, where I had posted my poetry Tears to be ranked.

and guess what... My poetry was voted the best among the rest --- here are the details...

WOOF Contest – Top Picks:


Mike Fried - “Off the Deep End -- AGAIN!” - A diatribe against PETA.

Amritbir Kaur - “Honesty - Still the best policy - We have read the English proverb - Honesty is the best policy - very often ever since we were children. But it began to change meaning with the passage of time. Let's find out its implications now.


Sanjay Chhabria - “Tears - A little touchy kind poem on tears. Walks you through describing the feelings undergone whenever you would cry.

Kayla - “Who is Your Star?” - How to recognize your guiding light.

Penelope Anne Bartotto - “The Gift” - A poem about Mother Nature's gift.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Go Goa

Sunlight, beaches, and the never ending waves from the sea,
Storming breeze, and the pleasure of lying down between all these,
The aromas of the goa’n fish curry and rice,
Kept me craving for more and my expectations to rise

Amazing water rides, the water scooter and breath taking paragliding at the Calangute Beach,
Visit to the ancient churches, Historic forts and in the Arabian Sea, glimpses of dolphins.
Astonishing St. Xaviers corpse and the remarkable history behind him,
Burning of candles as a mark to fulfill your desires and eliminate all your sins.

The picturesque view of the best sun rise and the marvelous sun set.
The sunset initiates the beginning of the incredible night life,
Tito’s; Mambo’s and the Baga Beach, the happening places to be after 9.
If you don’t choose these, you may walk on the beach under the most romantic moon light.

The place to party and the place to have a blast,
The place to spend a holiday or retire all your stress,
It’s Goa, the place equivalent to heaven on earth,
The best place to be anytime, to enlighten yourself.

Spending this romantic evening in a place in Goa, where you don’t miss the beach at all,
Plays a vital role too, even after having the best things around,
There are many resorts and rooms to live in,
They make your holiday memorable, and stay unforgettable, with their services unbound.

Usually people are very confused as which place to visit in Goa, places to travel, and the resorts to live, with the best deal. To know more about the places to visit & travel in Goa, I would suggest - you visit the Goa tourism site - .

Choosing the right resort can be the toughest thing! as you might not know which the right place is. As the Marriot can be a very costly affair and there are few resorts like Alor, which are not very expensive but are not that classy to live in for some.

To resolve this confusion you may visit, this site searches all leading hotel reservation sites and direct hotel sites to find you the best available hotel deals. You may check for all the hotels in Goa at –

I forgot to mention about the liquids available in Goa -

Fenny is specifically very popular, but not everyone nourishes its taste.
If you don’t prefer Alcohol, you may want to relax with a cold tropical drink.
A tender coconut at the beach is also not a bad idea to taste,
Or you may prefer some sodas or plain water to drink.

Caution: Before you guys visit Goa, kindly be aware of the dos' and don'ts too. (1); (2)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yelling... (Kavita's Poetry --- Rephrased)

There is this poetry written by Kavita (Named - Luvikavi) called - Yelling. I just came across this while dropping cards on the blogs. It's written in a style, as I would write my diary or talk to someone. But I felt there was something missing and it could get more creative... no hard feelings!!

Therefore, I rephrased the same and put in some feelings in her poetry and posted it in her comments.

Kavita, the author, replied - Hey, thanks for the comment. However, the poem I was commenting on was something she wrote more than 5 years ago.

My rephrased poetry goes this way... MIND YOU - The first lines are written by Kavitha, and the second lines are phrased by me... Do let me know your thoughts on this…

I yelled at my mom cause, she said I wasn't serious,
Later I realized that she cared and was absolutely right.

I yelled at my sister cause, she wrote on my homework
Her scribbling read – I love you, and would miss you after you leave to NY in tomorrow’s flight.

I yelled at my brother because he drove his remote control car, Right into my foot!
His intention was to save me from stepping on the broken glass pieces.

I yelled at the weatherman because he said it would snow
Though it did not snow, staying back at home helped me cure my cold.

I yelled at my friend cause, she wasn't being honest
As she said 'she hated me and didn’t want to see me all her life.'

I yelled at myself cause, I wasn’t able to recognize their love.
Nor did I listen to their advice

Friday, September 12, 2008

Infatuation Online

Once at the net centre when I logged on,
And started chatting on the net,
While aimlessly browsing through the chat rooms, I found you,
Indefinitely approached you, without any thoughts or mindset.

Never thought you would be so open to speak with,
Nor did I expect you would act so friendly,
The chat lasted around 15 minutes,
After which, I started missing you and wanted you back desperately.

Several questions wandered in and around my mind,
How could we be friends; when could we meet?
If not, where could I find another person like you?
Having a heart so pure and the talks so sweet.

This incident made me come online often,
Waiting for you to log on, so that I could exchange some more words with you,
Most of the time I used to look out for you, while chatting continuously,
You had finally made it to my special friends list, which is rarely reached by few.

We had a conversation which lasted just a while,
But I felt as if I spoke to a person,
Who was known to me since ages,
And whom I was longing to woo.

You were the one I needed,
You were the one I was looking for,
I was very shy and reserved online or offline,
But that wasn’t the case when I spoke to you, cause I always wanted more.

I don’t know when we could come across or pass by each other,
And never know when we could meet,
I leave all this on to fate and the destiny to come,
And believe this past of mine, as a true dream.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Take care, keep smiling…

There is this poetry written by my friend, Amir - Tryin to be Poets.. This one’s written in a conversatory style, which altogether is a new concept, at least for me. The best part about this poetry is that, there are two poets who exchange conversations. If you are able to feel what they say, surely you would feel the pain undergone.

It’s indeed a phenomenon craft of poetry. In fact it was soooo touching that it made me cry... especially the last line - 'life perhaps, IS NOT A FAIRY TALE'

However, I was not also tempted to write something to sooth the heated conversations a bit, it goes this way –

Pragnya this one's for you -

Friendship, crush, infatuation, love and all those artificial relationships,
are all fake if they happen before the weddings goodship.
Believe in yourself, believe in god,
you will never be left alone, never will you face people who are odd.

Initially you’ll just see your shadow, the only one who walks besides you.
Later you’ll see a crowd, and your cheeks would be left with no dew.
Smile… Smile as if you never did before.
Rejoice the feeling of life, and let the sadness walk out of the door.

You will have another person, the Mr. Right of your life.
With whom you will be yourself, and finally become his wife.
After which your life would be full of joy & laughter
and both of you would live happily ever after.

Take care, keep smiling…

Monday, September 8, 2008

Be a Role Model

On the shore of love,
With the oceans filled with desire,
Let’s be a spark in the world,
And form into a blaze of fire.

On the earth filled with dominations,
With the disasters to come through,
We have to top all of them,
And get as an example for the world to view.

Get into the atmosphere,
This includes happiness and sorrow,
Let’s be not away from desire,
Which the world cannot borrow.

With the heart filled with hope,
And the minds with goals,
Let us come together, and be,
As we grow covering the loop holes.

Let’s grow and let’s get popular, like
A flower which enriches the dirt – that’s lotus,
Let’s be a role model to the world,
For the people to look up to us.

So become a role model and,
Let the world see,
We are the persons required,
As talented and unique, demanded to be.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Missing You

With you in my heart,
Accompanied with a strong desire,
I left you all alone,
For certain goals of mine to acquire.

While at the place,
Felt all alone,
No other friend to meet,
And no one for me to groan.

That refreshing smiles of yours,
And the amazing company to miss,
I am left all alone,
With you in my mind as a bliss.

Now when you are away,
I find you in my dreams,
And this has made me realize that,
My love has finally reached its extremes.

I wanted to be with you,
But no mode to get in touch with,
You are my love and true in its existence,
To whom I’m known and nothing hid.

And now when I have realized,
It’s too late, since you are away.
For me departing is a pain as darkness,
And meeting you is as finding sunrays.

Sweetheart, there is one thing I always wanted to say but couldn’t,
It’s that I love you - more than your imagination, and always will,
Never will I leave you alone,
Nor let our love suffer or get itself grilled.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Top Entrecard Droppers in August.

I have got a lot of new blog readers with same niche as well as different and some of them have become regular readers and regular commentators. I thought to give some link love and publish their entrecard as an appreciation for being the Top 5 Entrecard Droppers for August:

Dropper ----------------------------------------------------------------# of drops

The Truth About Lies ------------------------------------------------------13
PlotDog Press WOOF Contest -----------------------------------------------9
The Ups,Downs and Sometimes Insane World of Freelance Writing-8
Margie and Edna's Basement -----------------------------------------------7
Talli's Designs----------------------------------------------------------------- 7

Thanks a lot guys... though not regularly, atleast you did visit my blog and dropped your card occasionally.

Monday, September 1, 2008


A spark of light appears,
And covers the space around,
Just a glimpse of it,
Gives you a feeling of peace and beauties bound.

It starts from a twinkle,
Grows large and spreads all over.
It’s an intimation made by the lord,
That it’s the beginning of a new day, and he has spread his warm cover.

This is the moment, quiet pure,
Which enriches the nature for a pure day.
It makes the flowers grow,
And let everyone start in a better way.

It’s the ray of light,
Which covers every part of the ground.
It is like a king in form of Earth,
Who has just been crowned.

It is the sight of the sun,
Just when it has started rising.
It feels so refreshing; it bestows peace of mind,
And a feeling which attracts you to earth and start admiring.

It happens twice in a day, when the sun rises,
And in the evening when it sets.
These are the glorious moments of life,
Which are rare and impossible to forget.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Breakup Reunion

The sky is torn across the ragged anniversary of two,
Who moved for three years in tune down the long walks of their vows,
Letting their souls meet even though they stayed apart,
Combining their thoughts and forcing them to stay together.

The presence of love with the hint of hatred,
Dwells their mind but their hearts are still lusting to meet each other.
The love grew and attained its majority,
Through the aspiring affection which was about to erupt.

This is the day they met again,
And the day when they turned one.
To defeat their cruel disgusting beliefs,
Which they regretted to believe more often.

The cupid released his arrow, love started flowing,
They united again; it was reunion of the broken relationship.
The beliefs crumbled, the revulsion thoughts just vanished.
And the love made its way to its destination.

They melted in each other’s arms and made love,
The sun rays departed and the day collapsed.
But the love continued and stayed forever.
And finally their long walks of their vows ended with their long lasting love.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Feeling of Love

It starts with a feeling,
A feeling which makes you feel special and someone important.
It’s like a stream of water,
Which turns into a river with a message sent.

It makes you feel good,
And feel for someone very close.
It’s like a call given from the heart,
For the person you’ve chose.

The feeling is as vast as the blue sky,
And as pure as the sunlight.
It’s a feeling which cherishes you,
With just one glimpse of her or a fulfilling sight.

It’s just like a message,
The message which changes you.
It gets communicated, near or far,
Just through her thoughts or telepathy’s too.

It’s a strong attraction,
Which comes directly from your heart.
It’s the feeling of love,
Waiting for a relation to start.

This is the time when you like someone,
And the time when someone turns dear.
The time when you start feeling the difference,
And a special relation to begin, excluding fear.

Friday, August 1, 2008


This was also published in my college magazine (Sardar)

With the water so precious,
running down as a stream.
It’s the sign of sorrow,
when it touches its extremes.

It’s got its purity so vast,
which shines and glitters on its own.
When the pearls in form of water,
and the pain undergone is shown.

This is so precious,
that no ornament tops it.
It’s a stream of moisture,
when the joy and happiness quit.

It’s a friend, who accompanies,
always when you are in need.
It helps you to get support of,
and forget the painful past deed.

It is present in all,
and discloses itself, when given a call.
They are the ‘tears’ from the eyes,
nourished as dew & drop by drop they fall.

They live for a while
and then disappear.
They give you a kind of solace,
when troubled by sorrow or fear.

It’s like a helping hand forwarded,
when suffering in sorrow.
They help you to overcome it,
and to build a better tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Need You, Want You, & Very Badly Missing You!!

As I open my eyes, I see the sun,
I see the rain dew, but I don’t see you.
I am so addicted to hug you after I wake up,
That, now I can’t believe - I need to stay without you.

You’ve been the fragrance of my bland life.
You’ve been there when I need you or even when I didn’t,
Now how can I keep going on, when you’ve left me all alone,
All I can think of now is how badly I’m missing you.

I know you’ll be back here someday,
But I want to date you today.
Sadly, you’re not here with me,
when I actually need you, want you & very badly want to spend time with you.

Having fun never crossed my mind, when all I could do was miss you.
I tried to forget, you were even gone, but the thoughts of you have always wandered around.
The better half of me, I’m currently missing, has gone away,
It’s the glimpses of our past, the lovely times, in my mind they surround.

I have begun my quest to find my love again,
That’s you my love, my one and only adorable sweetheart.
Can’t live anymore without you,
Waiting for the day when eternity, would not be able to split us apart.

Love you, and very baddddllllly missing you!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Silent Speech

My First Poetry!
This was also published in my college magazine (Sardar)

It starts with a word,
And ends with a sentence.
Ever thought, how a speech be,
Without the voice in its presence.

It starts with a smile
Which we all can feel,
This is where they excel us,
And the only way they can deal.

They try to convey,
With actions and body language.
They hardly speak; actions help them to conversate,
And for long, leave them happy and engage.

They have no ill-will in their hearts,
And no sin in their minds
They are very innocent and,
No feeling for the world to bind.

These are the people,
Who speak very less.
They are the dumb and deaf,
Whom the lord hasn’t blessed.

So, as we who are blessed,
Let us take care,
Of the greatest jewel in our life,
Of which we are not aware...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


My first poetry to be published in a magzine called 'UNILIT'

Someone entered this world,
She is kind and sweet.
It’s time for someone to smile,
It’s the time when death & life meet.

It starts with a small twinkle,
And grows with a spark in it.
It turns from a seed to a plant,
And the glow of sparks of life covers it.

It has welversed itself in joy
As well as in sorrow, as a dream.
This doesn’t let you speak
And not even feel or scream.

It begins with a particle,
Later increases to a thing.
When it’s matured totally,
It’s as sweet as a sparrow sing.

A person is included in the world,
And a knock is given to the earth.
Since someone is awaiting to come in,
It’s none other than a new child’s birth.

This changes the way everyone behaves,
This changes the way we live.
It’s a new time of life,
No sorrows and only happiness to give.

-- In memory of sakshi's birth (my niece)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let Me Love

The prize winning verse, published in Deccan Chronicle on 13th July, 2003. My 1st poetry to be awarded.

For god’s sake hold your tongue, and let me love,
Or chide my palsy or my gout.
Let me stay with her and make love,
Or else the day will be gone.

With the aspiring beauties of her,
Inhaling the fragrance she exhibits.
Giving out the gift of her presence,
That makes me believe that I still have to live.

The blowing of the wind and the slight drizzle,
With the environment so romantic and the meet so little.
I want to be with her and loose not a minute,
As the moment might be gone.

Let me live my life today,
And live it as if, it was my last day.
Tomorrow I may be gone,
And loving her might become just a dream.

String me to her, let the bells ring,
I believe I love her,
And can be with her all my life.
For god’s sake hold your tongue, and let me love her – forever and ever.

Monday, June 16, 2008

When You’ve Left Me...

You were the one, who loved me,
Purely from your heart and a true mind.
You were the one, who made me believe,
That love is everything but not blind.

You helped me grow,
Like a flower grows along with its fragrance.
You showed me the way to live life,
And made me feel how important was my presence.

I behaved like a kid,
You helped me mature.
You were the only one in whose hands,
I believed my life was assured.

Now when you have left me,
I feel very depressed and lonely.
Now without you near me,
My life is nothing and is no more lively.

I loved you so much,
With all my love, affection and friendship.
But still you left me alone,
And within no time broke the relationship.

Now that you’ve gone,
I feel broken and all alone.
So my love try returning, cause
I can’t live without you and may die without anyone left, for me to moan.

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Hearts Broken….. Again.

On a lovely Afternoon, with the falling leaves,
Cold breezes and too many smiling faces,
Amidst them all, appeared my love, to my surprise,

Our relation was never this weak, since the time it was bonded,
Time immemorial it was actually the strongest relation consisting of tremendous, pure and natural love.
It never let us erupt or be in tears ever,
It just gave us lots of giggles, smirks, laughter & smiles.

They were the best days of my life,
It always made me feel important, precious & special.
But as every lovely day has a dark night awaiting,
Even my best days had their worst times following.

The words so strong, with the hatred so deep,
With an intention to QUIT, & the mind set to deceive.
She was too firm in her thoughts & knew what to do,
Finally, she bestowed me the feeling, which I never expected to receive.

She termed me a barrier to her happiness,
And termed our love to be a biggest mistake,
It was at this moment my heart actually split,
And it was then when I realized – My Heart’s broken….. Again.

After a very long time, I was granted a new love,
A person who really loved me- Truly, Madly & Deeply,
On whom I could rely my Trusts & all my Beliefs,
Who was so incredible, memorable & unbiased in all extents, I could ever believe.

And now I walk… walk all alone, but yes from Now on –
Never will I ever trust a girl so much again,
Never gonna fall in love,
I’ve realized – that the world is full of Mockerer’s,
Who cannot actually love, but excel in mockery.