Monday, March 9, 2009

Novel Acquaintances

Every relationship narrates a tale of its own,
Every new friend marks the beginning of a new story
Would that transform into a special relation – that’s unknown
This increases my belief that, every relation has an exceptional reason to carry

My story had a smashing beginning,
Hoped it would reach the highest heights,
Building trusts, feelings, friendship & understandings
Avoiding the sour phases of controversies, grudges & fights

Frequent conversations brought us closer & closer
With the words we exchanged, her new identity was painted in my mind
This is the time where crushes & infatuations are bound to happen
Most of them fade out, but few transform to love of a different kind

Have surpassed the age where I would be infatuated or have a crush with anyone,
All new introductions tend to rebel against me these days.
More fingers point at my status than me now,
Accusing me guilty of lies, and always bound to betray.

These days friendship starts with preconceived conditions,
The relation which had no boundaries, now has restrictions,
Staying aloof seems like the best choice to me now,
As every new relation ends up in some kind of a new friction

Friday, January 9, 2009

Top Entrecard Droppers in October, November & December

Hi all,
Its been crazy these 3 months. I didn't get time to update my posts or even thank my droppers. Now that I am back, I would first like to thanks my regular dropper's who have been consistently dropping entrecard's on me even when I was away.
Finally its time that I thank the people who have been regularly visiting my blog and dropping their cards. Even this time I have got a lot of new blog readers with same niche as well as different and some of them have become regular readers and regular commentators. I thought to give some link love and publish their entrecard as an appreciation for being the Top Entrecard Droppers.

Top 5 Entrecard Droppers. for October:
Dropper ----------------------------------------------------------------# of drops

Money Saving Pro---------------------------------------------------------22
(Special thanks to you for the highest drops on me, till date. However, I guess you have deleted your blog)
Weather for Headphones--------------------------------------------------9
Wanderer Thoughts---------------------------------------------------------8
Caught In The Stream ------------------------------------------------------8
West of Mars - the Meet and Greet --------------------------------------- 7

Top 5 Entrecard Droppers. for November:
Dropper ----------------------------------------------------------------# of drops

Weather for Headphones-------------------------------------------------------6
The Truth About Lies ---------------------------------------------------------6
PlotDog Press WOOF Contest --------------------------------------------------5

Top 5 Entrecard Droppers. for December:
In December I just one dropper who has dropped Overwhelming 20 entrecard's on me. She is Blanne online and Anne Marie Gocotano offline. I didn't get any other drop's which went beyond 2 in this month. Therefore, the credit would go to hit or miss only.

Here's her Entrecard -

Thanks a lot to everyone listed above... though not regularly, atleast you did visit my blog and dropped your card occasionally. And a special thanks to Money Saving Pro; Word Webbing & Hit or Miss for being the top dropper on my list.