Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is that you?

Here I seem to be away... away from you, and from the whole world I know
Nothing seems to match - neither the time, nor our feelings, and about anything I try to show
I am out here... all alone in this race now
But every time I wake up... I tend to shout - Sweetheart, is that you?

Missing is what I initially thought it was,
But you are my necessity... I need you, more than just miss you
You complete me, not just through my thoughts but just - 'everything'
I know life is tough, have to take care, but without you even that's not there

My heart doesn't beat without your name,
My mind doesn't begin thinking without you in the beginning
Started to feel you in every corner i cross now
Just want to be back, don’t know when I would reach that tomorrow.

Holding that smile all this while, afraid of the mocking world out there,
Have been holding my feelings, my tears, and my sorrow
Just want to take you in my arms and let that drops flow,
Want to love you and keep loving you, a lot more than even before

These days it's so tough to even close my eyes,
You seem to have haunted my sleep too...
Don't want to end my life, as I want to live it with you.
Darling... you there? Are you listening to - - what I just said to you...??